Dreaming Big for the California Coast
Mo and Jo's 1,200 mile expedition to raise awareness of the California Coastal Trail and build a connected community of coastal stewards.


California Coastal Trail

Imagine a ribbon of coastal protection stretching 1,200 miles down California’s magnificent coastline from Oregon to Mexico. This is the California Coastal Trail (CCT). At present the trail is approximately halfway complete. If you have been to the beaches of California, you have probably visited an existing segment of the CCT, which includes paths ranging from the Lost Coast Trail to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. The dream is to connect these fragmented segments into a braided network of public walking and biking paths spanning the entire coast.


MoJo Coastwalk

Morgan (Mo) and Joce (Jo) are embarking on an expedition from Oregon to Mexico on the California Coastal Trail in the summer of 2016. As we walk, we will tell the story of our journey, and hear from the coastal voices that we meet along the way. The goal is to reawaken awareness about the California Coastal Trail and jumpstart a movement to get it completed. It is a legacy in the making, connecting trails and communities all along the California coastline: a profound vision that we can only achieve together.


Coastal Stewardship

The California Coastal Trail will provide a continuous public right-of-way along the California coastline, improving people’s ability to access the coast and enjoy the unique beauty, tranquil vibes, and opportunities for grand adventure that it provides. The CCT will inspire both coastal use and stewardship, so that the scenic and natural resources are celebrated, appreciated, and conserved for generations to come. Along the CCT we can build a connected community of coastal stewards, and work together to care for the coast we love.


Join Us

Join us as we walk from Oregon to Mexico, celebrating, appreciating, and protecting the coastline as we go. Check out our hike plan to find out when we will be in your area.
  • Meet up with us for a day hike or beach clean up. Events will be posted on our facebook.
  • Volunteer to help with trail logistics as we walk through your town.
  • Follow our facebook or instagram
Send us a message if you want to get involved: mojocoastwalk@gmail.com

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