After the strenuous miles of mountainous Big Sur, we were happy when the San Luis Obispo coastline flattened out into a broad, open marine terrace. We eagerly got off the highway and hiked along the bluffs, where we encountered spectacular blooms of wildflowers and succulents. We tried to navigate the rough cowpaths meandering across the … Continued

We zoomed through San Francisco in a whirlwind of family, friends, fantastic trails, and fabulous fun. The City and County of SF share the same geographical boundaries, so in the blink of an eye, all 11 miles of SF County’s coastline had flown by, and we were entering our 6th county—San Mateo! One of the … Continued

As we crossed over the Gualala River, beautiful Sonoma County greeted us with breathtaking views, best described by our favorite coast adventurer, J Smeaton Chase in 1911. The view was almost impossibly perfect…To the west I caught glimpses of dazzling sea; and southward I looked down upon the coast I had travelled during that and … Continued

We crossed from Humboldt in to Mendocino County while hiking the Lost Coast in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Emerging from the backcountry at Usal Beach on the 21st day of our expedition, we were greeted by large male Roosevelt Elk grazing at the Usal Beach campground. Heading south from Usal, we were excited to hike … Continued